Event Rental Agreement

Electronic Signature of the Rental Agreement is a requirement of the application process.

We hereby agree to reserve the club house and/or patio area with available parking (with the exception of any boat space and member only parking) of the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club (SDMBBSC) to (Name / Tenant) on the following terms:

  1. We hereby reserve the premises for the following time and date (Date) to (End time) on (End Date) for a minimum of (# of persons.)
  2. (Purpose of event)
  3. We agree to pay the ($$) Reservation Fee for the use of the SDMBBSC.
    1. Event fee must be paid by the dates indicated in the fees section (below).
    2. No refund will be given on cancellations within two weeks of the event date.
    3. No controlled substances are permitted on the premises. Premises start at the gate.
    4. No one under 21 years of age is allowed at the bar at any time, nor may they consume alcohol.
  4. (Tenant) agrees to hold SDMBBSC and the City of San Diego harmless and to indemnify them for any and all claims, which may be made against SDMBBSC. Including, but not limited to, its Officers, Members, and employees, for any injuries or damages sustained at or related to the use of said premises and facilities.
  5. (Tenant) agrees to assist and cooperate with the Officers, Members, and employees of SDMBBSC to ensure that order is maintained in connection with our use of the premises.
  6. In consideration with the aforementioned, the SDMBBSC agrees to allow the use of the premises and facilities or agreed portion of the same, for the date and tie hereafter specified.
  7. (Sponsoring Member) agrees to be present on the premises throughout the duration of the event as defined in Item 1 (one) above.
  8. (Tenant), if so called upon, agrees to provide the additional insurance policy endorsement coverage to name: 1. San Diego Mission May Boat & Ski Club and 2. The City of San Diego.
  9. (Tenant) agrees that any terms breaches on this contract, or as defined in the Rules and Regulations, may cause the event to be shut down without notice and without refund of fees.
  10. (Tenant) agrees to fee for additional bartender(s).
  11. (Tenant) Notification of Entertainment / Music at this event. (Include Name, Type, and Website in application)
  12. (Tenant) understands that the Event Agreement is subject to approval by the City of San Diego and the (event dependent) procurement of an ABC Permit.
  13. (Tenant) agrees to the Security Fee required for parties of 100 or more people.

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